“In this ocean of stars we found each other,

and that’s why we are StarTwo”

Welcome one and all to a place where words become artworks.
We invite you to become a dreamer and surrender to imagination as we share with you our work, thoughts and inspirations.

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The Illustrated Stark, 70th Anniversary!


Japan Day Fan Girl



Hello everyone,
Here’s an illustration that we did back in the day, specifically for celebrating Japan’s Day here in Portugal.
This one alludes to Japanese Fan Dancing, which has always been something quite beautiful to watch. The patterns and colours that invite your eyes to dance along with such graceful and calculated motions that the dancer and the fan start confusing your notion where one ends and the other begins. It’s truly fascinating when done by those who master it!

★Have a great weekend and stay inspired!★

Teaming with Beasts


Muffled crackling sounds on a cold night.

Rustling in the woods, rushed breaths through the silence and the crushing of dead leaves on the ground making you feel a shiver up your spine.
All of these can lose in comparison to the beasts you decide to team up with though. Given that you chose well, of course.

A Huntress and her Companion, brought together by circumstances and teaming up by choice. In all fairness they both have a good sense of humour, so don’t worry if you happen to meet them on a walk through the woods.

To be honest, if you decide to go for a walk at such a late hour on a cold moonless night… You are definitely the suspicious one.

★Team up well and stay inspired!★

Book of Zhu – Ing Rao’s Chef Outfit



Here’s another character we did for Book of Zhu, today is Ing Rao’s turn in her Chef Outfit for when she moves to the Palace.

Not only is she prepared to fight whatever might come her way, she will also cook amazing things for you – we can totally vouch for Ing Rao’s cooking skills since she was hired to be a royal chef, so… Yeah. There’s only so much that connections can do, and if she’s keeping that position, we’re sure that she must be doing a great job!

Here are more characters we’ve worked on:
Alternative outfits: Aya, Rani, The Empress and Eraeli.
Concept: Mika, Maru and Yi-Sunai

There’s more about the project right at the Book of Zhu webpage.

★Have a great week and stay inspired!★

Teaming with Beasts ~ Sneak Peek



Hi everyone,
Here’s a quick preview of an illustration on the making we’re eager to share with you, but for now enjoy this snippet!

★ Have  a great weekend, and stay inspired! ★

Punk Fantasy Lines



Hello everyone!

Here is a peek at the lines of Punk Knight’s illustration we published some time back. This is one of those illustrations we couldn’t decide if we prefer in black and white or coloured. What about you?

Click here for the coloured version!

★ Stay inpired! ★

A Portuguese Folktale: D.Caio ~ Sir Fall


I fall! I fall !

Folktales, as much as they are a thing of wonder and fantasy, they are also a thing of humor.
Nothing could be truer with the tale we present to you today: D. Caio, whose name we adapted to Sir Fall. Inspired by the brothers Grimm “The Brave Little Tailor” (the tale is also translated into Portuguese), this version from 1900 focuses more on the misconception of “Kill seven with one blow” and it’s also known in Spain as “Don Juan Bolondron mata siete de um trompom”.

About the artwork, we got a look at General attires from the 1800’s so that’s why there’s a certain French feel to it. Nevertheless, we did our very own version of such clothes as well as the colors, though blue was the color of the Portuguese Army in the sources we checked. And of course, we couldn’t resist and added the old Portuguese Royal Emblem to the horse’s saddle.

This tale has a bit more of our own flair as we had to translate and adapt it from Portuguese to English (we’re quite proud of our efforts!)  If you’d like to read it, click below and enjoy!

D.Caio – Sir Fall

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