“In this ocean of stars we found each other,

and that’s why we are StarTwo”

Welcome one and all to a place where words become artworks.
We invite you to become a dreamer and surrender to imagination as we share with you our work, thoughts and inspirations.

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Chanson d’Olympia ~ Inking Video


Art by StarTwo

From drawing the sketch traditionally to inking digitally, we bring you the beginning process of the illustration “Chanson d’Olympia”.

The charming performance of the soprano the soprano Patricia Janečková added a personality to the character Olympia that we couldn’t resist to portray.

Check the lines post to know more about the character from Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann and to see a video of the performance that inspired us!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Lines


Art and Haiku by StarTwo


Cherry Tree Petals make way to a fated encounter.

Japan is known for the beautiful blooming cherry trees and the subsequent viewings of such an event.
A long time ago, going under the cherry trees while the beautiful petals were falling was considered dangerous, as one could risk insanity and the laws of physics could bend as the physical form could dissolve and somehow create an open way to the unexplained and the impossible to convey by common sense.

Cherry blossom petals become witnesses as they dance in the wind to the moment where a burning gaze troubles the most serene surface of water.

“Cherry Trees blossom
Petals swirl perilously
Befallen folly”

In our own haiku and illustration we represent the moment the cherry petals have done their deed and sealed the encounter of two people – the viewer, carrying a burning gaze and the girl, whose surface has been disturbed- we are left with the freedom to wonder what will happen next.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Noble Party


Art by StarTwo


The party is on full bloom and the guest of honour amused and entertained at the rare opportunity of seeing the host in noble attire. Missions accomplished all around!

This commission was made for PinkythePink and goes together with a previous commission featuring Mark and Aerie on the brink of starting a new adventure.

★stay safe and stay inspired★


Chanson d’Olympia ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo


The sweetest song from the sweetest doll with an amazing voice, since “Les oiseaux dans la charmille” from Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann seem to be one of the toughest soprano aria to pull off.

This song captivated us immediately and the story behind it ties everything with a beautiful dramatic bow.
Olympia is a doll created by an inventor named Spalanzani, but so beautiful and graceful that a man named Hoffman falls deeply in love with her upon seeing her- greatly influenced by wearing glasses that make her seem human, but those are just details…- and even despite a friend assuring him that it’s but a doll, his passion burns too strongly to let it go.

Our version of “Olympia” in the illustration was inspired by the soprano Patricia Janečková and her adorable rendition of a living doll with a certain charming mischief.

In these uncertain times we hope that everyone stays safe and can still feel some solace from music.

★stay inspired★

Sleepless ~ Inking Video


Art by StarTwo

We’ve shared the inking and the full version, and now we bring you the inking video of the original illustration “Sleepless” from traditional sketch to digital ink.

If you haven’t seen the illustration versions here you go:

★sleep well and stay inspired★

Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Noble Party ~ Lines


Art by StarTwoPinkythepink_NoblePartyLines

Mark and Aerie are back, and this time they show us how to welcome a friend when hosting a party in their behalf.
So put on your celebrating clothes and get ready to party – a noble party that is.

★stay inspired★



Art by StarTwoSleepless_StarTwo

Sleepless dreams are sure to be a bit more pleasant if they happen in colour at least, so here’s the full colour version of the previous illustration’s linework.

To lay in silence,  waiting for the sleep to take over as the moons go by, the thoughts travel as if they grew wings, holding on under the starry sky. The key so close that you can almost reach for it, and yet, still out of reach – for now.

★Persevere and stay inspired★