“In this ocean of stars we found each other,

and that’s why we are StarTwo”

Welcome one and all to a place where words become artworks.
We invite you to become a dreamer and surrender to imagination as we share with you our work, thoughts and inspirations.

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Not My Nature


Today we revisit -with a clearer lens- an old work and statement. This one goes back to Inktober from 2016, and you can read it right ▪here▪

☆stay safe and stay inspired☆

Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part VII

Hiding and watching, although safety is not a given.

Work continues on the comic for “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand. On this project we keep advancing on laying the base colours, following the colour scheme variations.

Click on each one to check out the other teasers for Eyes of the Forest!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Sorrow Flowers – Work in Progress 2 (WIP)

The supervisor who is all heart keeps a watchful eye on our deadlines.

Today we’re sharing another peek to the steps we’re taking towards the sister pieces for the “Sorrow Lilies“ – Beautiful Flora laced with sorrowful meanings but stepping up with their loveliness and turning up towards the light..

Slowly but surely these flowers will come up to breathe!

Check out the previous WIP peek!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part VI

The Fantasy genre allows for bending notions and let colours surprise you when you least expect.

Colour is spreading through the pages of the comic for “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand. This means that each panel we finish is one step closer to conclusion and it feels good to see something growing at a steady pace.

Click on each one to check out the other teasers for Eyes of the Forest!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part V

And now in colour, danger is on its way…

The work on the comic for the book named “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand keeps going and the colour stage is well on its way!

If the formatting on this post seems different, it’s not you, it’s definitely us!
We held on to the old formatting all this time, stubborn in not adapting to a new style but now we found out that it will be a permanent change on the 1st of June, so we might as well finally try this new block editing style and… We give in… It is easier to use than bending backwards for simple things although we’re still in the learning curve!
Fingers crossed we’ll soon chuckle at how silly we were in not switching editing styles sooner.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Click on each one to check out the ink teasers for Eyes of the Forest!

Sorrow Lilies ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

Here are the lines for our illustration called “Sorrow Lilies” from a series we have started called “Sorrow Flowers” which explores the turning of perceived appearances regarding the meaning of certain flowers.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Battle Gear for Biker Bulma Brief


Art by StarTwo


The battle for ages: Bulma’s hair in purple or aqua?!

It was time, at last, to do an illustration of Bulma Brief, the feisty independent and brilliant scientist – a character from the manga Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama. Specifically in the sort of alternate-universe outfit biker-style from a Toriyama’s illustration.

Sketching and inking went smoothly, but as the colouring progressed we were faced with the biggest question regarding this piece: Hair.
The manga purple or the anime aqua have been a theme recurrent in this series with several shifts from saga to saga and media.

We both love the charming purple, but this doesn’t mean that we’re about to deny that the aqua fits right in as well. Which one is your favourite?
In the inability to choose on our own which to use for this post, the decision became quite easy.

Let’s have them both!


★stay safe and stay inspired★