FNF Europe – An adventure in Belgium!



On the 14th of October we took flight to Belgium to attend the ceremony of this year’s Animate Europe by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

20151015_003511It was an International Competition, with more than 60 people participating and from those 60, 7 finalists emerged and Startwo was on that short list.

Commence panic mode.

animate-logo-magentaClick to check their website!

 20151014_191033People arriving and checking the works of the finalist, before the winner announcement. 

The event took place at the prestige Belgium Comic Center, and if you click the image you’ll see on the far right the event’s super mascot, Captain Europe no less!

20151014_192106_Richtone(HDR)Yep, even heroes need to check their phones. Loving the boots, Captain ♥!

Everything happened so fast. Too fast. Maybe because we were so nervous, everything seemed to swirl before us. There can’t be enough praise however for the wonderful people from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, including Mr. Hans H. Stein, Christina Brunnenkamp and Caroline Margaux Haury. They made us feel right at home and we had a lovely evening!

So, did we win?

20151014_202130Well, no and yes!

First place went to Nicole Knötig and the rest of us finalists received a honourable mention but the Foundation via the wonderful and kind Christina Brunnenkamp, made a request if our sassy characters could be the cover for the event’s book, with the seven comics inside!

20151014_202103Yay! That’s our babies right there!!

So now our little comic is going to go on tour through Europe and this precious book is going to be available for everyone who goes to see the exhibition!

Fu¦êrDieFreiheit--®-photo-BThe finalists, us included, and the event’s organizers! Thank you once again for your kindness! Oh, by the way, we’re the two smiling fiends with blue scarf and yellow shirt ;) – Photo by Bénédicte Maindiaux 

We’re leaving out the details of our tale on purpose. We will write a whole new post about our comic soon!

And of course, if you ever go to Belgium, don’t forget to munch down some amazing goffres! Goffres will save the world!


We plan on participating on the next competition! See you again, Europe Animate! Thank you for having us!!

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