Work in Progress and Inktober regrets



Woe and worry, unsettled little maiden still matching the moods of October…Goodbye to the past and Hello November! Treat us well as we both keep doing our best★★

We couldn’t keep up with the Inktober movement this year due to work but we hope we can do it next year! And that’s because we love nibs and we hope the nibs love us ~♪

In this work in progress we used Deleter products to ink: nib holder (customized a bit for comfort), G pen nib and for the ink, Black #3.

Do you also sometimes ink traditionally? If so, which materials do you use?
We have seen so many style and tools used that it gives the feeling that truly to each his own comfortable method. At least we abide to that.

A big hello and bigger thank you to our new followers! Welcome, and drop us a line any time!

Keep inspired and take care!★★

14 thoughts on “Work in Progress and Inktober regrets

    • Thank you very much for the visit and comment★ You have very nice works! Our favourite was “Buterfly II” for its colours and composition.
      We believe there’s no cheating even if it’s with a gel pen ;) anything that helps you achieve the vision for the piece is not less of a method. And clearly it’s working for you!


    • We never tried that nib before, but from the quick research we did, it seems to do similar line work as the G pen nib! We love the versatile line depth, it’s very easy to go from slightly bold to thin.


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