Busy Bees organize over chaos


Photo2-03-11-2015-12-21-03Being a freelancer, as in every other employment choice has its pros and cons. Some curse it, others rock it. What about StarTwo? We keep pushing forward. Not winging it- we don’t like to move forward with little to no preparation, to be honest. There’s a lot of organizing and planning behind it.

It’s no easy task to keep yourself in check and  until you find your own working method, achieving organization can be a pain in the… well, it can be a pain, basically.

Our advice to whoever is feeling swamped by the tasks ahead is to research methods for planning and organizing and try a few of them until you grasp what works for you. Just remember that it will also depend on your own self discipline. Sooner or later only relying on the biological filofax that is your brain might misfire and you might end up in a tight spot thanks to that.
From our experience of working as a duo, it became apparent that communication is and always will be an important key to successfully plan and split tasks to meet deadlines so also keep that in mind if you intend to team up.

Have you got a system you would swear is bulletproof?(oh, do share, if so!) Personally, we found out that the best way to make it work for us- regardless the nature of the project- is through lists, calendars and notes, mainly.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy and drop us a line! Questions, remarks or thoughts our words might arise, go ahead and (gently!) hit that keyboard!

Find your way and take care!★★

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