Portraits and Sunshine


Yesterday was delivery day. We had brought back commission work from an event we attended a couple of weeks ago (more on that soonish!) and it was a relaxing pleasure to finally have them all ready to go.


These are the three left to send!

We usually open for portraits at events only and when there’s too many clients to handle, only then do we resort to taking commissions back with us and mailing them later on. Our process is rather simple: we begin by sketching the main shapes work our way to the details.

portrait_egAt events, our drawing hands always end up feeling like they’re going to fall off – speed is key, so it’s therapeutic to take our time with these ones that don’t require super speed.
We packed them portraits and off we went to the post office! And hurray, such a sunny day!

Photo 10-11-2015 14 00 00

Gorgeous weather and a gorgeous town!

It’s a blessing to be able to walk in the sun and wear T-shirts in November. We do know we are blessed and to catch a bit of fresh air was very liberating, especially when we two usually stay at the studio for days on end like recluses doing time for some harsh penalty… fortunately we love this job ♥

Now we just need to find out a better postal service method to avoid overcharging our portrait clients… anyone got tips?

7 thoughts on “Portraits and Sunshine

  1. Just-an-anime-fan

    I am the one on the right in the upper portrait, I love how you portraid me, I have been asking to all my friends but noone would draw me in a manga style, also, I was thinking on giving one of these to my girlfriend, can I just buy one of these via internet? If yes, how can would it cost for a photo with two?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Thank you, we’re very happy to know that you were happy with the portrait!
      We can definitely do more and deliver it as the previous one :) We have your e-mail address, so we can write to you and discuss the details!


  2. Nuno Nunes

    Hi, I am the one in the bottom right portrait.
    The portrait arrived but because I wasn’t home the package was taken to the post office.
    When I went to collect the portrait they had already sent it back to you.
    Is there any chance that you can send me the portrait again and charge me the shipping costs?


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