Hand Warm up speed-drawing


Ideally every time you start working on a drawing, you should warm up first.
We bring you a small speed-drawing of what we sometimes do with straight to pen sketches, skipping the stage of penciling the sketch as a start.
(The original video at normal speed is 5 minutes)

This was also to get the feeling of the pen as it was the first time to use it. It’s a V SignPen from Pilot, it has a medium sized stroke with a dense black colour.

Have you used this pen before? It felt really nice to draw with it. It has a nice flow and the deepness of the black was a nice surprise, there was no washed out ink at all.
It’s not a tool to work on details, obviously. But it delivers very well on the boldness when its needed.

Don’t forget to warm up and have a great week!★★

The music is from http://www.bensound.com and the hand is from the cat (Sara).

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