Book of Zhu – Rani Ibeshi


Meet Rani, if you feel like you shouldn’t poke her even from a safe distance, you’re definitely right. She’s a strong fighter with a matching attitude.

We bring you another character from the “Book of Zhu”, the visual novel placed in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy.

Rani belongs to the high caste society, settled since young age to be the retainer of Princess Aya, everyone seems to see her hardly unfit for the job with her rebellious attitude and shortcuts from the protocol required.
Despite everything pointed at her, Rani remains a strong fighter, away from criminal activity and always at Princess Aya’s side as a retainer and as a friend.

There’s a lot more to know about her and other characters right at the Book of Zhu website!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

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