Book of Zhu – Maru Ibeshi


Maru, standing strong with an opposite demeanor than his sister, Rani.

Meet another character from the “Book of Zhu”, the visual novel placed in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy.

Here is Rani‘s younger brother, Maru.
Without an early assigned job like his sister and the experience and training derived from that opportunity, Maru at his current age hasn’t matched his sister’s levels as he keeps studying in hopes to decide his future.

Being a calm and reserved boy, he watches his mother’s attention being diverted to his sister and her antics, leaving him feeling a bit put aside.
Despite all that, he relies on his sister’s advice and comfort as he searches his own path.

There’s a lot more to know about him and other characters right at the Book of Zhu website!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

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