Easter Time for an Easter Race



Ready, Set, Bunnies!

Here’s the first stage -traditional pencil sketch- of the first illustration of a series.
Who will get the Lapin Coronet as the winner of the The Great Easter Race?!

“A Crown fit for a Princess. A Crown fit for me.”

First Contender is Buttercup and her were-rabbits. She loves the taste of victory in everything she gets involved in. And a crown would definitely match her princess-like demeanor.

“Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby just to let me down and mess me around~♪♫”

We love the original song from “The Foundations” but surely you’ll understand that Buttercup is not a bunny to mess around when the race gets hot and her blood runs faster. And of course, always keeping her class ♥ she needs a faster beat.

This is the original song from “The Foundations” :

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