Book of Zhu – Empress Li Ling Qiao


Ruler of the Zhu Empire, the Empress Li Ling Qiao has a strong mindset and powerful effect over her people.

It’s time to introduce another character from the “Book of Zhu”, the visual novel placed in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy.

Meet Empress Li Ling Qiao, she is the ruler of the Zhu Empire, carrying her title after a harsh turn of events, she is also the mother of Princess Aya.
A strong and determined woman, she isn’t afraid to step into the expected continuation of traditions and make changes many might find uncomfortable.

She keeps winning the love of the people for her disregard for bureaucracies and for her unexpected consideration for every social class. But her path isn’t easygoing as changes always come with great responsibility and risks.

There’s a lot more to know about her and other characters right at the Book of Zhu website!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

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