Red and her bodyguards



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Today we bring you a bit of the unexpected. Meet Miss Red and her bodyguards~

Before you start wondering how rushed it looks we want to confess! This was supposed to be a simple preliminary study on composition and colours for something we’re working on that ended up getting a little more rendered than planned.

We really don’t mind, it almost gained a life of its own, and that’s always a good feeling for us♥

Now back to work!!★★


11 thoughts on “Red and her bodyguards

    • Thank you for the comment and Like! We used Clip Studio Paint EX from SmithMicro (also known for MangaStudio).
      In our opinion is a very versatile program, the only downside is when you have to handle lettering/fonts and editing, we still rely on Photoshop for that.
      Let us know if you would like to know something more specific! We’re in no way related to SmithMicro, but maybe we can help from a user’s point of view :)


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