Inktober 2016 – Day 27



Link and Marin drawn without reference. Much love to Link’s Awakening! It’s so hard to understand boys sometimes. Not that it makes them any less cuter…

7 thoughts on “Inktober 2016 – Day 27

      • I didn’t have consoles growing up, but I did have the old brick gameboy. I was so excited when I found out a Zelda game was coming out for it, because I’d only been able to play Zelda games here or there at friends’ houses or department store displays…

        Even now, I think Awakening holds up as one of the best ever made.

        Pretty sure anyone who played it would sequence break so they could try to find new places for Link to take Marin on their “date” to look for more easter-eggs.


      • Oh, the old gameboy, you could seriously kill someone with that thing when the batteries were in. Back then there was no clue what Zelda was and it became our very first rpg. The rest of the games, mainly A Link to the Past were admired via Nintendo Power magazines, drooling over the walkthroughs. The Snes was way, way expensive, we were even too ashamed to ask our parents for it for Christmas.

        It’s totally one of the best games in our modest opinion, we know everybody holds a different game true to their hearts. There were tears when we finished the game and yes! So many times yes to wandering around the island with little Marin back and forth! Favourite one: jumping inside the well with her! (they even made it into a photo on the DX version if we remember correctly!) … now we just got to play it again.


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