Demon Beast! Happy Year of the Earth Pig!


猪年大吉! Wish you luck in the Year of the Earth PIG!

The two of us have loved Asian culture even before we could read. The main culprit was a Chinese martial arts series back in the 80’s, with equal amounts of kung fu and cheesy drama and pretty clothes. Oh, those pretty, pretty clothes…

When the golden gates of the internet years opened, we indulged in countless hours of feverish research but it was at a local Chinese restaurant that we first heard our cheerful waitress say “Gongxi Facai!” as she handed us a complimentary calendar. “May you be happy and prosperous!” it was the meaning of those lovely words and we asked her what was the occasion. “Lunar Year!”

We can’t say we remember what animal was designated on that particular year but suddenly, to have gained the knowledge of this whole different year calendar with its different zodiac beasts, made our imaginations soar high.  And years later here we are, writing about this with a happy smile and a cheerful image to match (hopefully) that has its own little wild story, straight from our imagination.

Again, thanks to the power of internet and friends, we then learned that many countries celebrate the Lunar year and thus, we decided to create an illustration where instead of focusing on a specific culture, we created our own and their own ways.
In this mysterious culture, it is the tradition to choose a mighty warrior each year that will fight the coming Lunar Year beast, a strong demonic entity that needs to be tamed. Otherwise, the year will only bring misfortune.
In our image the valiant chosen warrior already accomplished his task and now the celebrations can commence!
After being tamed, the demon Boar assumed a godly form, becoming a human being and obeying to the one who tamed him for a whole year, until it’s time to ascend to the heavens and a new demon beast will immerge and be fought. So, our warrior is now responsible for the happiness of the god and happiness of the village.
Let’s wish him luck as we wish you all the same. May you all be happy and prosperous and as always,

★ Stay inspired ★




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