“Street Fighter Tales” for Action X Team


Chun-Li, always a favourite of ours!

Art concept for “Street Fighter Tales” (click on the pictures to see them fullsize)

From 2016 to 2018 we worked with Action X Team on the project “Street Fighter Tales” and since its inspired in a videogame series that had been very present in our lives, we were thrilled when asked to do concept art and give it a slight twist in accordance to the script delivered.

We love to concept and in this case we had the extra challenge of thinking of the actor/actress/karateka that would fill the role. It was the first time we had that extra human factor while doing these concepts and having to make outfits that allowed a wide range of movements a.k.a. fighting action scenes not only for the camera but also for live action at events and stage shows!
From character sheets, to storyboard sequences and background images for live audiovisual interactive stage performances, we were thrilled to work on several steps of the process and areas that were completely new to us.

We had a blast and it was a specially rewarding feeling to see clothes come to life from our concepts (a sample is shown on the pictures) with the added responsibility to try and be loyal to the original characters.

★We hope you enjoyed it as well and as always, stay inspired★

7 thoughts on ““Street Fighter Tales” for Action X Team

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    My Featured Bloggers this week are Sara Ferreira and Gisela Martins, two gifted Portuguese artists who blog under the name Star Two. I have been consistently impressed with the imagination and talent richly displayed in their work, which ranges from Japanese anime and game designs (like the one below) to illustrations for European folk legends.
    Check out Star Two–you’ll be delighted!

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  2. IanC555

    This is amazing! I actually love fantasy and Sci-fi movies; read my share of comic books and played my share of video games. I particularly LOVE movies based on these. Thanks for the behind the scene glimpse of the work you do with what some LOVE!


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      • IanC555

        I am, at this very moment, wrapping up my chores (oh yeah…mid-lifers still have chores to do) before I will rent Captain Marvel on the NETFLIX where it just came up for rent. 6 bucks vs 20 bucks. I saw at the theater, too. Now…grocery for dinner, start the casserole and hop the play on the NETFLIX! Sweet deal!

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