Surprise post! Berild, the Queen of the Martian Catacombs


A striking beauty in the hot desert land of Mars.

Being as careful as we can in order to shield you from any spoilers, today’s bonus post is to introduce Berild, heroine of the just published first volume of the Illustrated Stark: Queen of the Martian Catacombs by Leigh Brackett. Illustrations and cover art are by yours truly,  StarTwo, and published by the sci fi fan favourite, Cirsova Publishing.

Berild was an instant crush, the sultriness countered with the weight of secrets made the perfect recipe for the classic femme fatale role, when you know there might be poison on those full red lips but before you know it, you’re already leaning in for a kiss.

We were provided with the descriptions and had ourselves a read of the volume as well, in order to grasp the feel of the characters and environments. Here’s part of the text we received from Cirsova:

(…) described as having smoke-grey eyes, silver-white skin and ‘hair…like a dark flame’. She is beautiful and proud, with a confident determination in all situations.”

And here is a description of  not only Berild’s looks but also her resolution in Leigh Brackett’s own words, from an excerpt of the book:

“Yet all through those blazing days and frosty nights, tortured with thirst and weary to exhaustion, Berild was magnificent. Her white skin was darkened by the sun and her hair became a wild red mane, but she smiled and set her feet resolutely by his, and Stark thought she was the most beautiful creaturehe had ever seen.”

Long luscious hair speaks perfectly for a femme fatalle, allied to red lips and contrasting with pale skin . Of course it helps if the long hair comes with staff to maintain it,  but we digress.

You can find Varra, the Enchantress of Venus of Volume 2 right ►here◄

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