Berild, the Queen of the Martian Catacombs ~ Lines


The lines of the striking beauty from the hot desert land of Mars.

Let’s keep up with the Illustrated Stark, 70th Anniversary tribute to Leigh Brackett’s characters we created for the volumes published by Cirsova Publishing.
This time is Berild’s lines! The heroine of the first volume with locks for days.

Don’t miss the original finished illustrations and their lines as well:
Volume 1, “The Queen of the Martin Catacombs”: Berild and Berild’s Lines
Volume 2, “The Enchantress of Venus”: Varra and Varra’s Lines
Volume 3, “The Black Amazon of Mars”: Ciara and Ciara’s Lines

Fancy a light novel read? Then check out these links!
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Check Echantress of Venus at Amazon (kindle and paperback) and at Barnes & Noble
Get the Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary Edition (hardcover)

★Have a great week and stay inspired!★

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