Talk Like a Pirate Day! 2019


Avast ye for the Man-O-War! Ahoy, landlubbers♥

At long last!
This Talk like a Pirate Day can have an “Arring” lass showing her hidden nature under an eye patch, dangerously topping up on “Maaarrrgaritas” and making the Santa Maria caravel fear for its buoyancy.
The “Santa Maria” or “La Gallega” (which was not a caravel, but actually a “nau” – also created by Portuguese, but it was a bigger ship than caravels, better prepared for longer journeys). This particular one was the largest ship on Christopher Columbus’ fleet when he first ventured across the Atlantic Ocean. There are several replicas nowadays but one of them holds a special place in our heart as it is Portuguese – built in Madeira island- and known for its accuracy of details and proportioning a time travel experience for everyone boarding it around the Madeira coast – the cherry on the cake is that you get to watch dolphins and whales!

The day can’t go by without us mentioning a Portuguese buccaneer named Bartolomeu Português who despite his debatable morals and ruthlessness – as buccaneers, corsairs and pirates were known for- he could be considered a resilient, cunning and determined man despite his constant misfortunes. He established the earliest “Pirate Code”, a set of rules that “managed” those stepping into Piracy, as much as that line of work could be coordinated. It was later used by pirates in the 18th century like John Phillips, Edward Low and Bartholomew Roberts.
As many in this type of profession, his end was unknown but mentioned to be in the “greatest wretchedness in the world”.

After so many years of not being able to fit in an illustration for this day between deadlines, this time we knew better and planned it pretty much ahead, managing to pull through.
And now if you’ll allow us… AAaarrr, everyone! Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

★Yo-heave-ho and stay inspired!★

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