An early Xmas with Leigh Brackett’s Eric John Stark!


Amidst Inktober inking commotion and regular work hours, the doorbell rang and an eagerly awaited package from Cirsova Publishing was placed in our hands. Just like that, Christmas had come earlier.

As we merrily mentioned previously in other posts, we were approached by Cirsova to work with them in producing illustrations and covers for the 70th anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s pulp hero, Eric John Stark.

And once again, Cirsova was delightfully generous to send us copies of all the editions they published of Stark, from the separate stories (coloured soft covers) to the compilation with all three (white softcover) and last but not least, the special hardcover coffee-table edition!


From all of them, we have to say the deluxe hardcover is our favourite and the one making us rejoice the most. Besides our illustrations and coloured covers being included at double the size of the other editions, all the concept art we produced as well as the preliminary studies for the chapter illustrations are included, revealing how we went about creating the characters and creatures and which illustrations got picked for the project (Oh, those days of hard decisions…).


Leigh Brackett was a wonderful creator and we wanted to translate to our style her manly men and strong yet feminine women. (We dream of being able to make a comic book about Stark, honestly.)

It’s with immense gratitude that we thank once again Cirsova Publishing for sending these amazing books over to us and in case you haven’t, check out which edition is for you at:

Cirsova Publishing Books

And you can visit Cirsova’s blog


Bonus pic with a curious photo bomber

★happy week and stay inspired★

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