Eyes of the Forest – Inking a Panel


Art by StarTwo


And now for something completely different, we bring you a sneak peek into one of the projects we’re working on right now: comic pages for a book called “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand. Fantasy, action, magic and a lot of foliage!

This video shows the initial steps of the inking stage after the layout and sketch have been previously approved. This isn’t the final look for the inking but it is a teaser after all.

We hope to share more of these processes with you and give you a better insight on what goes into making comic books and more.

★Until then, stay inspired★

8 thoughts on “Eyes of the Forest – Inking a Panel

    • Thank you so much, we’re happy to know that you enjoyed it and we were immediately drawn to the song as well!
      The digital and traditional inking gap is really big and there’s definitely nothing that can replace the feeling of real ink and paper, but the time in execution is really the biggest difference between the two (Digital brushes are getting really good at mimicking real brushstrokes but there’s always something to give it away most of the times).
      It also gives space to a healthy chuckle at oneself while trying to use the undo keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl+Z while inking traditionally but not finding the keys on the paper…

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