Sleepless ~ Inking Video


Art by StarTwo

We’ve shared the inking and the full version, and now we bring you the inking video of the original illustration “Sleepless” from traditional sketch to digital ink.

If you haven’t seen the illustration versions here you go:

★sleep well and stay inspired★

6 thoughts on “Sleepless ~ Inking Video

    • We usually do tests of brushes separately and organize them to have them at hand depending on the stage and illustration. We don’t take too long choosing the brush because we’re usually already aiming to have a specific look.
      For this inking we used the same brush from start to finish!

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    • We believe that “old school” is still pretty much the structure to whatever one can build even with the shortcuts provided by this “new school” of technology – hence the base of this digital inking being a traditional pencil sketch on paper!
      We’re the ones thankful for your kind and encouraging words. Thank you so very much!✨✨

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