Chanson d’Olympia ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo


The sweetest song from the sweetest doll with an amazing voice, since “Les oiseaux dans la charmille” from Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann seem to be one of the toughest soprano aria to pull off.

This song captivated us immediately and the story behind it ties everything with a beautiful dramatic bow.
Olympia is a doll created by an inventor named Spalanzani, but so beautiful and graceful that a man named Hoffman falls deeply in love with her upon seeing her- greatly influenced by wearing glasses that make her seem human, but those are just details…- and even despite a friend assuring him that it’s but a doll, his passion burns too strongly to let it go.

Our version of “Olympia” in the illustration was inspired by the soprano Patricia Janečková and her adorable rendition of a living doll with a certain charming mischief.

You can hear it as you watch the sketch and inking video right here:

In these uncertain times we hope that everyone stays safe and can still feel some solace from music.

★stay inspired★

5 thoughts on “Chanson d’Olympia ~ Lines

    • We were taken by surprise and quite amused by it!
      Yes, it does seem to be in the same story line as “Pygmalion”, but in this case the beautiful object of the protagonist’s love was created by someone else – a scientist-and the glasses that make him see her as a human we’re created by a different scientist as well.
      The main character never had a chance!

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