Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

A traditional sketch to digital inking process of the illustration named “Burning Gaze on Troubled Water” or -as the previous posts about this illustration mention – the dangerous dance of the cherry tree petals.

You can check the lines and also the final result in full colour on the posts linked below!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

33 thoughts on “Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Video

  1. ceponatia

    It’s great to see other artist’s methods! As a side question, I’m starting to get into video recording (very amateur) and would like to record some craft stuff. What kind of setup are you using for your camera? Is it mounted on something directly above you?

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    • The sketching and digital inking of this piece alltogether took 2h more or less in real time, and the inspiration wasn’t from a picture but more from our already huge fascination for the Japanese garments and culture.
      Thank you so very much, we really appreciate your wonderful comment and words!

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