Battle Gear for Biker Bulma Brief


Art by StarTwo


The battle for ages: Bulma’s hair in purple or aqua?!

It was time, at last, to do an illustration of Bulma Brief, the feisty independent and brilliant scientist – a character from the manga Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama. Specifically in the sort of alternate-universe outfit biker-style from a Toriyama’s illustration.

Sketching and inking went smoothly, but as the colouring progressed we were faced with the biggest question regarding this piece: Hair.
The manga purple or the anime aqua have been a theme recurrent in this series with several shifts from saga to saga and media.

We both love the charming purple, but this doesn’t mean that we’re about to deny that the aqua fits right in as well. Which one is your favourite?
In the inability to choose on our own which to use for this post, the decision became quite easy.

Let’s have them both!


★stay safe and stay inspired★


2 thoughts on “Battle Gear for Biker Bulma Brief

    • Thank you so much!
      It’s true that the aqua is a really charming colour. We both voted twice for both colours and it ended being a sort of an unanimous decision by itself, so it’s a good thing that neither colour got left behind!

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