Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part V

And now in colour, danger is on its way…

The work on the comic for the book named “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand keeps going and the colour stage is well on its way!

If the formatting on this post seems different, it’s not you, it’s definitely us!
We held on to the old formatting all this time, stubborn in not adapting to a new style but now we found out that it will be a permanent change on the 1st of June, so we might as well finally try this new block editing style and… We give in… It is easier to use than bending backwards for simple things although we’re still in the learning curve!
Fingers crossed we’ll soon chuckle at how silly we were in not switching editing styles sooner.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Click on each one to check out the ink teasers for Eyes of the Forest!

2 thoughts on “Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part V

    • If you almost missed the hidden figure our mission is accomplished and this isn’t even the last stage of the panel!😊
      To be honest, seeing the development also keeps us motivated.

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