Red Riding Hood and Cub


Folklore stories have been told to us at a young age and listening to them again decades after, the characters remain in that Time standstill, forever remaining as they always were, since the first time the story was told and as it registered on our memory.
But, what if… Time could be scrambled and played with? Well, that’s exactly what we bring you today! A not so small Red Riding Hood holding a cub Wolf.

The question remains: Nurture or Nature? Is he already a bad Wolf in the making? A bright mind eager to learn and empathize? We leave that to you and your own imagination.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

10 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood and Cub

    • Thank you!! Well of course it wouldn’t get them off the hook, because different story lines won’t necessarily mean less tribulations, but we’re sure that a caring pet on the head can go a long way!

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