The Wolf and the Hawk ~ Ladyhawke Detail


Art by StarTwo

Sharing our love for old movies is something we enjoy, and today we’re showing a detail of our illustration from Ladyhawke – finished in 2019.

Check out the final version and also the lineart below. A click away to see them in a bigger size!

★Have a wonderful weekend, and like always, stay safe and stay inspired★

5 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Hawk ~ Ladyhawke Detail

  1. lilaiamoreliwordsaresacred

    Lovely artwork!!! Thanks for reminding me of Ladyhawke. I had watched this movie many years ago and had almost forgotten it until now. I think I’ll rewatch it.

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    • We’re happy to know that you enjoyed it and more importantly got you wanting to watch it again! We’re big fans of the movie -among others- but the fantasy and romance on this one get a special place. Thank you so much!

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