Desert Wild Flower ~ Final


Art by StarTwo

The brightest Desert Wild Flower is exactly who you want to meet when you get stranded on sandy landscapes that seem to never end. Probably your senses got garbled under the scorching sun, walking on a never-ending loop and following your own footsteps until you depleted your rations.

Now that you took the step to ask for help and are definitely in good company, rejoice as you’re lead through the shortest path to a refreshing -although hidden- water well, feasting on the food generously provided by the leader of the camp, taken by your passion and will to succeed, despite the adversity and pain.

You’re alive and you feel hope again, weighting what you truly treasure (now that you almost lost it) finding that maybe, most important of all, you’ll make sure you get out of this experience something that will make you better.

A friendly smile reminds you that you’re not alone on your quest and that makes you feel ready to get back on your feet.

Brave forward! But falling and getting up again isn’t easy, no matter what anyone can say, so for now… Rest.

★stay inspired★

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