EOTF Issue 1 Campaign is LIVE!

James Streissand’s soothing narrator voice guides you on details for this campaign!

► Eyes of the Forest Indiegogo campaign has started! ◄

Today, with a tremendous amount of happiness, we share with you the debut of Eyes Of The Forest (EOTF) very own Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!
It’s been a great exercise in endurance to keep most information about this project under wraps, but we can finally tell you a bit more about it in this post and future ones!

If there is one thing that made us begin drawing since a young age it was our love for comics with Sci-fi and Fantasy themes being our favourites. Thanks to both our parents there had always been abundance of not only comic books but also pulp fiction novels that were so much better than detective stories, no matter what the kids at recess said!

When James approached us last year – thanks to a good word from Cirsova Publishing (Thank you!) – with his proposal that hit these two points we so adore, pulp and fantasy, we were overjoyed!

“Eyes Of The Forest” (EOTF) is a comic book based on the wonderful novel by the same name by James Streissand. It features 22 pages of story, fully illustrated and coloured by us two, Gisela and Sara aka StarTwo. There are buckets of love and dedication poured over these pages in making these characters come to life for us and you, the audience.

Truthfully, James allowed us to express ourselves in full while also guiding us through his vision and what he wanted portrayed. We’ll make sure to go deeper into that in future posts as we plan to share with you some behind the scenes artwork and processes!

So please, check out the “Eyes Of The Forest” very fresh, newborn campaign, back it if it pleases you or share this post or banners far and wide!
If all goes well, we and James plan on drawing longer and more fantastical comics for all of you!

Click here to check the campaign page!

Let us know if you support this project, so we can properly show our appreciation. Thank you so much for reading and as always,

★stay inspired!★

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