Eyes Of The Forest: Concept art for this Comic Book Part 1


Art by StarTwo

Usually, we are asked to keep quiet about the projects we work on.

It may sound unreasonable, but it is quite common.
Clients may want to protect their intellectual property be it a game design, a storyline, a character’s description, etc and for a determined amount of time, they are entitled to that. It all comes down to what is agreed between us and our clients.

However, James Streissand, the author of our latest project called Eyes of the Forest, was delighted with the idea of sharing a little bit of the production of this comic book and we gladly jumped on the opportunity!
So today we are going to talk a bit about one of the aspects we love the most: working on conceptual art.

After being briefed about the goals of the project and the themes, we began developing the characters.
This process began with James sending us a file with the descriptions and references we needed to get started.

These are usually called Character Profiles and they can consist of a few descriptive words or a complete epic to the most microscopic detail. For us, writing too little about a character will keep us guessing what the author wants portrayed and writing too much will make us lose sight of what is important in the concept.
Fortunately for us, James landed right in the middle and his descriptions were exactly right, especially for the main characters.

Speaking about main characters, meet Runin, the Forest’s protector:

First sketch for Runin
After feedback and corrections, this was the final concept for Runin.

In comic projects is very useful to draw at least two views of the characters, to show how the design works before getting the go ahead for that look.
If necessary, other views can be drawn to show a specific detail. In concept art for videogames we usually need to draw a lot more views!

Stay tuned as we’ll write more about the stages for “Eyes of the Forest”!

★stay inspired!★

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