Politeness in declining


Art by StarTwo

Sometimes you have to engage in conversation to convey your feelings, even if what you really wish to say is that today is not the day and you are not the one…
It’s a great skill to have when one can decline politely but there’s always that small nanosecond where your expression speaks for itself. It’s not a bad thing, maybe?

Have a wonderful weekend and
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6 thoughts on “Politeness in declining

  1. Reblogged this on Time Traveler on the road of Life and commented:

    There are many days that I do not feel like talking to anyone. When you are employed as a Customer Service Person, every day must be a good day for you to be polite, and try to help solve the problem of the person on the line with you. There have been so many times that I have lost patience with the snarky people that should be trying to “do their job” and have wanted to smack them one through the phone lines. It takes monumental effort not to tell them in the nastiest words to do some unmentionable things to themselves.

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    • Having worked in the past in jobs that dealt directly with the public as well, we believe we can imagine how you feel and then some…
      The real challenge is finding the outlet to let that steam free and manage somehow to reset and get back to it!
      We hope you have such an outlet and wish you the best!


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