The Tribe Game release!


For quite a while we have been working on game art for The Tribe Game and it has been released!

As good professionals we didn’t break the NDAs and it feels so good to finally be able to share the news!

Take a look at the official post and details✨ From the “The Tribe” website:

“The Tribe Game is a story-driven video game where the player gets to create their own custom character and step into the world of The Tribe. In this RPG (role-playing game) they will interact with many iconic characters and explore familiar places from The Tribe TV series. There are quests to be accomplished, profession skills to level up, items and resources to be found, battles to be won, and adventures to unfold… as the player tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and to keep their (and their tribe’s) dreams alive.”

Check out the cinematic opening from The Tribe official website

We’ll soon write more about the wonderful experience of making game art for The Tribe Game!

★Stay inspired★

4 thoughts on “The Tribe Game release!

  1. Congrats! Amazing art !
    Exactly, this is IT .
    Yes, we want DETAILS :) …and sometimes is waiting ….HELL, yes? You know, but you cant tell to anyone…its….terrible, but on the end…are very swweet moment….., Congrats again !

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