A Guiding Crown in the Land of the Blind ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

It’s time for the lines of the The Lightbearer under the Guiding crown, the linework for our illustration of the turn of phrase “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King”.

We’ll soon share another aphorism illustrated by us but before that, make sure you read the post of the full colour illustration to know more about this expression!

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A Portuguese Folktale: The Magician ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

This is the linework where you can see clearly all the elements we picked for this Magician’s apprentice illustration.
Each one of them is meant to link to the story, so make sure you don’t miss it by reading the tale and see the full version of the original illustration. You can quickly go there by clicking on the link below!


Click here to see the story and full colour illustration!

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Creature Feature – Enfield ~ Lines



Even if it feels like Autumn just begun, with Halloween gone by it’s starting to feel like Winter really fast.
We’re holding ourselves to the current season though and as we try to appreciate roasted chestnuts and sweet wine, we’re sharing our Enfield’s lines with you.

By giving ourselves the challenge of creating a humanoid version, we tried to come up with a design that also felt modern and intriguing. Usually there’s a set time-length for these illustrations and we can say that this one pushed our time slot to the limit!
You can check our complete post about these Irish Chimeras and the colour version of the illustration here.

★Enjoy roasted chestnuts and stay inspired★

Talk Like a Pirate Day! 2019 ~ Lines


What lies beneath our diving menace? Lines, of course!

Here’s the linework we did for our pirate (it’s just a hobby, really…) and since we had a lot of fun rendering her tattoos and in wonder if some of you were curious for the parts that can’t be seen, we’re sharing the full composition.


Here’s the Nice…


And the Spice.

Rest assured “Santa Maria” ship, as in all balanced opposites, this pirate’s life may be made of spice but also has a good bit of nice.


★Have a nice weekend! Stay afloat and stay inspired!★

Shaman-on-the-Making Morning Call ~ Lines



Here’s a look at our apprentice, devoting herself to be a Shaman and her timely predicament (check the detail with her troubles right here), this time you can check the whole illustration’s linework.
A digital piece, trying to summon the feeling of the lines you get when using a brush pen, with that rich full stroke without losing the possibility of making the line thinner.

★Wishing you a great week and stay inspired★

A Portuguese Folk Tale – Almond Trees ~ Lines



Here we go, another little snippet of lines underneath a finished illustration.

We shared its colour counterpart on our last post “A Portuguese Folktale – Almond Trees”. It spoke about the love that was almost cut short with the sickness of the “Northen Beauty”, doomed if not for the beautiful Almond Trees.

Despite the strain on getting it right, just like rendering hair, facial hair has its potential when it comes to therapeutic inking~

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A Portuguese Folk Tale ~ Almond Trees Sneak Peek



Moors, Love and a mysterious disease! Make sure to check our next Folktale as it will portray one of the most cherished Portuguese legends of love.

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