Sleepless ~ Lines


Art by StarTwoSleeplessLines_StarTwo

A little inspiration from endless nights of sleep-deprived dreams that lead us to create these words and illustration.

“A Child’s Dream in finding the key that opens the Door of Quiet
Dressed to please, unable to sleep. Finding solace in keeping silent.”

★Sweet dreams and stay inspired★

Illustration Details – Snow and Goat’s feet


Art by StarTwo


Yuki Onna: Full Illustration and Lines


The Goat-Footed Lady: Full Illustration and Lines

Today we bring back two details of the illustrations we’ve done for the very different folktales of two dangerous ladies, wouldn’t wish you to meet any of them…

★Stay safe and stay inspired★

Steering through new beginnings! ~ Lines


Art by StarTwolunarMouseLines2020_StarTwo

It’s time for the linework!
Permeated with the wishes of sailing full speed ahead, hopefully with less of a bumpy road and clear skies, as the steering wheel works with your efforts and the winds lead the ship through the most beautiful waters!

★stay inspired★

Eyes of the Forest – Inking a Panel


Art by StarTwo


And now for something completely different, we bring you a sneak peek into one of the projects we’re working on right now: comic pages for a book called “Eyes of the Forest” by James Streissand. Fantasy, action, magic and a lot of foliage!

This video shows the initial steps of the inking stage after the layout and sketch have been previously approved. This isn’t the final look for the inking but it is a teaser after all.

We hope to share more of these processes with you and give you a better insight on what goes into making comic books and more.

★Until then, stay inspired★

Commission – Kal’A


Art by StartTwoKal_A_StarTwo

Today we bring you another commission made for Jalek, great builder of worlds and their lore! Meet Kal’A, the leader of the empire that we specifically admire for his will to bring several different cultures and customs to the knowledge of his people.

This is all we can share about the project for now, but don’t forget to check Jalek’s news for more!

★stay inspired★

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!


Art by StarTwoValentinesday2020_StarTwo

A day to celebrate love! And after thinking about it a bit, it becomes obvious how unfair it is to keep it only for a significant other.
There’s love in all friendships and that is something to celebrate in itself! Specially as sadly, there are cases where the love from a friend is greater and more genuine than the love of a spouse or partner with whom people stay in regard to circumstances.

Go forward and celebrate love! Just make sure you’re clear about celebrating friendship-love, just to avoid misunderstandings and awkward replies…

★stay inspired★

Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Adventure Lines


Art by StarTwoPinThePin_AeMaLines_StarTwo

The treasure map is still promising and clear, our curiosity still spiked to know what is marked by the X.

Enjoy the linework for Mark and Aerie! And if you haven’t seen it yet, click the link below to see the full colour version!


Click here to check the full colour post!

★stay inspired★