Inktober 2016 – Day 04



Day 04 and we’re on time!
After momentarily losing track of this drawing midst reorganizing a desk (indeed fitting the nature of this sneaky character) we finally found it just in time for the photo… It’s ok to wonder if she’s smiling happily or mischievously plotting ♥

Art Art, Seal it with Art!


We actually don’t know what the representation of a seal’s sound is, so this will be the official one for us from now on.

Sometimes you need to reach a point of insanity to pick yourself up and keep going… We reached that point and are getting there.

We can’t possibly put to words the silliness that lead to this image, but if you’re granted with the gift of imagination you’ll be able to see how this image was born.

Yes, even the calls of seals can remind you to art.

So stay inspired and keep “arting”!★★