A blast from the past: Jungle Emperor Leo


Art by StarTwo – Leo is a creation by Osamu Tezuka

Either known as Kimba the White Lion or Jungle Emperor Leo, we recently began watching the show’s release from 1989, when work allows us a short break.

It’s amazing how some shows have the ability to soothe a hurting brain and help you relax as we watch each episode in segments – even if emotions ran high on the first episode!

Sadly we never had the chance to watch this series when we were younger, although a lot of classic anime was broadcast in Portugal. So we’re grateful that there’s streaming services that allow us to turn back the clock and turn into young kids again.

But only for a short time… Let’s get back to work!

★stay inspired★

Lady Lucky Star ~ Colour Scheme


Art by StarTwo

What’s a star without some colour on🌟🌟

Still at a WIP (work in progress) stage, these are the planned colours for our Lady Lucky Star!

If you missed it, click here to check the sketch!

★stay inspired!★

Lady Lucky Star ~ Sketch


Art by StarTwo

What can be better to find strength than a homage to the luck within misfortune?
In our case, we just decided that a Lady Lucky Star is the best to carry our thankyous and thoughts as the messenger through the cosmos.

The get up and get back into it had to be swift, as deadlines sadly still remain.
Thank you dearly to everyone’s good wishing, advice and empathy about the loss and corruption of files… Or should we say, the dreaded zombie files.

Full speed ahead!

★Remember to do backups and stay inspired!★

Adrift Movie Night ~ Detail


Art by StarTwo

The month must be busy for Space Way Assistance as the status of her busted spaceship is still quite stranded… But as long as there’s power to watch movies, all should be fine! Movie night, every night!

★stay safe -not stranded- and stay inspired★