It’s Easter Time 2019


Chocolate eggs, that delicious treat best eaten during this time. One for each one of us and a third egg just for you. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!
StarTwo wishes you a wonderful Sunday Holiday, full of Season’s Greetings for the religious and the not so much. The main thing is that you enjoy it, alone or on your own delightful company.

★Happy Easter and stay inspired!★


It’s Easter Time 2019 Wip



It’s the season of chocolate treats and hoping and hopping wishes. Here’s a snippet of what’s coming to fully wish you a Happy Easter.

★Seasons Greetings and stay inspired!★

The Fox and the Magpie Wip



Here’s a little snippet of the work behind the illustration of “The Fox and the Magpie“. To be honest hair is such a nice therapy to render with inking… When there’s time, at least.

Linework and slight colouring done digitally.

★Have a great week and stay inspired!★

Free time with Zelda – BOTW



With the weekend at our doorstep one of the things we’ll do is gleefully dive into the world of Hyrule with Link! We’re major fans of the Zelda series, but professional and adult life doesn’t allow us to play as much as we used to. But that’s not a complaint, after all you lose free time but you gain other rewarding things.

This weekend we’ll make sure to take another 10000 screenshots of the game, to draw inspiration from and share with you the results in a nearby future. Too bad this is a one player game, right?

Other Zelda fanart by us (in which you can see a progression of our art style!)

Inktober 2016 – Day 1

Inktober 2016 – Day 27

Zelda, Chinese Zodiac and Yamakujira

★Have a great, shinning weekend everyone and stay inspired!★

Book of Zhu – Yi-Sunai


YiSunai_BookofZhu_StarTwoIt’s been a while since we shared some of the work we did for Book of Zhu so today we bring you another character we designed for it.

She is a very determined girl named Yi-Sunai but called “The Beast” based on her ability to draw on aspects of animals in combat and use parts of their traits which alter her appearance when used.

We had a lot of fun designing her and her slight feral feeling while keeping her outfit something possible to move in when engaging in fighting.

Here is a list of some of the characters we’ve worked on:
Alternative outfits: Aya, Rani, The Empress and Eraeli.
Concept: Mika and Maru

There’s more about the project right at the Book of Zhu webpage.

★Hope the week is treating you well and stay inspired!★

A Japanese Folk Tale: Yuki Onna Wip



In fear of the Yuki Onna’s wrath from knowing we have two Japanese Yuki Onna themed movies lined up but haven’t come around to watch them, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you the sketch stage of the Yuki Onna illustration as an appeasing resource (inking and light colouring was done digitally).

The weather is also getting better over here, which makes us wonder: do Yuki Onna yokai hibernate during spring?…

★Have a great weekend and stay inspired!★

It’s out of the bag! The Illustrated Stark, 70th Anniversary!




We’re also Team Stark! Though it might be tricky to go out for drinks (we really think Stark is blinking “help” in morse code…)

Hello everyone!

From the title of this post it’s safe for you to assume that we’re absolutely thrilled and celebrations have commenced here at our studio.

It was back in 2017 that we were approached by P. Alexander, editor of Cirsova: a Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction publication.
What was in store for us was what illustrators’ dreams are made of: to re-imagine in our art style the adventures of the iconic pulp fiction/light novel hero: Eric John Stark.
Stark, also known as N’Chaka, is the creation of beloved Leigh Brackett, none other than the Queen of Space Opera herself and a screenwriter as well that worked on the Star Wars sequel “The Empire Strikes back”.

And we had absolutely no idea of this and that was a good thing because while reading the selected character descriptions (thank you Alexander!) and the books, we fell in love with the lore and the stories for what they were and not for them being part of Brackett’s legacy.

The books are out for pre-order and each time one gets released, look forward for a special blog post here on Starlitden with unpublished artwork from us!

This was a work of love and dedication and we are extremely happy to see it out and we would like to invite you to check out these links for further information:

The Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary Edition:


Cirsova Publishing releases

★Keep having a wonderful week and like always, stay inspired!★