Commission – Kal’A


Art by StartTwoKal_A_StarTwo

Today we bring you another commission made for Jalek, great builder of worlds and their lore! Meet Kal’A, the leader of the empire that we specifically admire for his will to bring several different cultures and customs to the knowledge of his people.

This is all we can share about the project for now, but don’t forget to check Jalek’s news for more!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!


Art by StarTwoValentinesday2020_StarTwo

A day to celebrate love! And after thinking about it a bit, it becomes obvious how unfair it is to keep it only for a significant other.
There’s love in all friendships and that is something to celebrate in itself! Specially as sadly, there are cases where the love from a friend is greater and more genuine than the love of a spouse or partner with whom people stay in regard to circumstances.

Go forward and celebrate love! Just make sure you’re clear about celebrating friendship-love, just to avoid misunderstandings and awkward replies…

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Commission – Aerie and Mark’s Adventure Lines


Art by StarTwoPinThePin_AeMaLines_StarTwo

The treasure map is still promising and clear, our curiosity still spiked to know what is marked by the X.

Enjoy the linework for Mark and Aerie! And if you haven’t seen it yet, click the link below to see the full colour version!


Click here to check the full colour post!

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February, don’t bring us snow!


Art by StarTwoFebruarySnow_StarTwo

This Friday’s fairytale got delayed, but it will be worth it as it will be a first on the blog as a two part story!

We bring you instead some popular wisdom for this month, which despite not being worrisome about how cold of a February it is, we still liked the immediate idea it gave us to make this illustration.
This one is catered to Portugal and its agricultural cycle: “Neve em Fevereiro, presságio de mau celeiro” which loosely translates to snow in February is an omen of an empty barn.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, snowy or sunny – our wish falls on it being pleasant.

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A Devil’s Weaving ~ Lines


Art by StarTwoDevilsWeavingLines

The Devil’s Weaving Lines are here!
When a sweet voice promises you the world with very little effort and merely in exchange for a smile, surely a web is being carefully laid to catch you by surprise. Such is the nature of temptation, the type that keeps testing you, time and time again.

We wanted to bring an appropriate set of symbolic elements that spoke for the idea of a weaving devil, checking in which path the unfortunate soul’s decisions will fall on, when faced with tempting situations.
Righteous even if arduous or wicked yet effortless. And what about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? But what if others are already stuck on such a web? Decisions…

With the tear (or loom) we wanted to follow the idea of weaving that can symbolize the structure and movement of the universe in its own microcosms, a very simplified analogy to the creation of human life where the cutting of the strings replaces the cutting of the umbilical cord of a new-born. A creation from the weaver’s own substance.

The thread around his arms are a call out to the red thread of fate, which connects to someone you’re pre-destined to meet and said that you will mutually feel affected by such an encounter. But which path will lead you to the best meeting point?

The wheel of fortune (on the weaving) shows us the wheel in which human life spins, unstable like a wagon wheel, a constant movement with its rises and descends, symbols of a permanent instability and the eternal return.

In a bed of webbing, this devil doesn’t wish you harm. He is merely entertained with how easy it can be to make people listen to a sweet voice full of promises and highly curious by the unknown outcome for their next step.

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Steering through new beginnings!


Art by StarTwolunarMouse2020_StarTwo

A new Lunar Year has started on the 25th January and celebrations will go on until the 8th of February- it’s the (Metal) Rat Year bringing stability and longevity.

This means that besides having the beginning of the new year of 2020, it’s also the beginning of a new decade and even more exciting, it’s the beginning of a new cycle of the 12-year zodiac signs!

The beginning of this new cycle is believed to bring a new wave of new opportunities and chances for each person to make responsible choices that can turn unfortunate or less favourable situations into productive and pleasant factors.

With renewed strength and determination, let’s grab this ship’s wheel and steer it safely into new beginnings with better endings!

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A Portuguese Folktale: Story from Below the Ground ~ Lines


Art by StarTwoBelowGroundLines_StarTwo

The linework for the Story Below the Ground is here, showing the revealing embrace that saved the day – for some, at least…

Don’t miss the opportunity to read this folktale and see the full coloured version of this illustration!

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