Here’s a Portuguese Folk Tale: The Aunts


Don’t cry, sweety! We got your back!

One of us had the chance to grow up listening to old fairytale stories inside a small kitchen with the fire crackling and the bells of goats fading in and out on the street outside, as shepherds drove them into the pastures. Those were the days of great grandmother remembering tales from her own youth, trying to keep the memory jogging and bring back what had been told so many years ago – great grandmother didn’t know how to read after all.
Those tales would invoke so many wondrous images: selfish queens, naïve but strong boys and girls and the fantastic folks that would come to their aid, human, deity or beast. There’s no doubt that those stories had a role to play in our mind and now, so many years away from those early days, we want to begin drawing what we can and give those ancient tales our own flare and vision. It’s our anthropological contribution to the world and to you.
Not without a few snags. Although we own books with many tales, we realized that these ones from oral tradition were hard to come by and harder still to share with those interested in the narrative. Well dear friends, the internet is a wondrous, miraculous place.
There have been incredible people since the 1800’s that went to speak with old great grandmothers just like ours and have put on paper these tales and even translated them!

So here it is:

The Aunts – Translated from the Original by Miss Henriqueta Monteiro  – Year 1882

There was an old woman who had a granddaughter: and whilst one day the girl was looking out of the window, the king, happening to pass by the house at the time, was immediately struck with her beauty.

He knocked at the door, and the old woman came to open the door, and asked his majesty what might be his pleasure. The king replied that he wished to see the maiden. The old woman then told him that the maiden he had seen at the window would make him a shirt that could be drawn through the eye of a needle. The king hearing this, said that he would marry the maiden if she succeeded in doing such a wonderful thing; but that in the event of her not succeeding, he would have her put to death.

When the king departed, the girl who had not said or thought of doing such a thing began to weep: an old woman however appeared to her, and told her not to be troubled, for she would make the shirt for her, but she must promise her to call her “aunt” before every one present at the wedding banquet on her marriage day. The maiden readily promised her to do so; after which the shirt appeared all at once ready made, and it was given to the king. On receiving the shirt the king said that he was not yet satisfied, and that the girl must prove herself more clever still. Upon which the grandmother told him that her granddaughter could hear anything that was said three leagues off.

When the maiden knew of this she commenced to cry again, but the woman returned and informed her that if she promised to call her “aunt” on the day of the marriage, before every one, she would tell her what the king would say at the hunt he had gone to three leagues off. The girl promised to comply; and the woman shortly after came and informed her of what the king had said at the hunt.

The grandmother then went to the king to tell him. But, as his majesty required yet more proofs of the maiden’s extraordinary cleverness, the granny told him that her daughter was so quick at her work, that she could wind in half-an-hour a whole skein of thread.
When the girl heard of this she began to weep, because she knew she was not able to do so. The woman, however, who always came to her help, returned once more and offered to do it for her if she complied with the usual promise; which the maiden readily agreed to, and immediately the skein appeared ready wound.

The day of the marriage was at last fixed upon, and the king married the maiden. Whilst they were sitting at the banquet which was given on the occasion, a knock was suddenly heard at the door of the hall, and a woman entered who was exceedingly ugly and had very large prominent eyes. The maiden, now a queen, rose at once from the table, and addressed her in this way: “Good afternoon, aunt, give me your blessing!” Every one present was much surprised at what they saw and heard; but the ugly woman, turning towards the king, explained to him that the reason of her having such very large eyes came from straining them to make a shirt that could pass through the eye of a needle.

After a while another knock was heard at the door, and in came another woman with exceeding large ears. The queen rose and saluted her thus, “Good afternoon, aunt, bestow me your blessing!” Every one present was much surprised, but the woman went up to the king and explained that her ears had become so exceedingly large from her constantly listening to what was said at the distance of three leagues.

Not long after this a third knock was heard, and another woman entered who was very, very ugly, and had very long arms. The queen rose from the table and said to her, saluting her, “Good afternoon, aunt, bestow your blessing upon me.” All the people were much astonished, but the woman told the king that she had such long arms because she had been obliged to wind a whole skein in half-an-hour.

The king then rose and said to the queen that he did not require her to make the shirt, nor to hear what was said at the distance of three leagues, nor did he expect her to wind a whole skein of thread in half-an-hour. And thus it was that the maiden was saved from having to accomplish what her grandmother had told the king she was capable of doing.

The End

What is most interesting about this story is how there are certain variations, even on other countries. Have you ever heard of a story similar to this one? If so or if you’ve heard of other stories different from the common fairytales we all know, we would love to know of them!

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The Fox and the Magpie

fox n magpie_lett

The enjoyment of the hunt comes to eyes that glitter like gold.

Mercy me, they really are posting this year!

We believe Victorians must have been some of the first larpers (live roleplayers). The way you conducted yourself had to fit a role in society, and there wasn’t much room to stray from the mold.

Dear Miss Magpie and Mister Fox prefer to leave such dogmas out of their lounge room and dedicate themselves in the art of capturing each other’s heart.
Who shall be the first to succumb?

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2018 – Here we go!


Before January ends, we want to wish you all a great 2018!!

The festivities are over, the year just started and we’re well into the working rhythm of the new year but it still feels like 2018 appeared out of nowhere, even if we welcome it with wide open arms!

The tic toc of Time keeps going, so let’s stay committed to the resolutions (ah yes, we mean you too! Don’t let yourself quit if it’s something that you believe is a tool that can get you closer to the person you want to be! But keep it positive, always. No need for bad energy that ruins your Karma★★).

With so many things on the list to focus on and, as always, searching methods on how to improve and keep learning more (never enough!), one of our resolutions is to give some space to better ourselves and balance the personal and work life, because the scale can’t just go tipping crazy to one side!
Controlling this workaholic streak we keep falling into is a priority from now on, since it has resulted in bumps on the road over time, specially health issues (which are stable now. Phew…).
Despite this, please don’t worry, we are aware that we have been posting seldom lately – mainly because sometimes we are asked not to share the works before they are made public by the client and we end up postponing in such a way that we lose track to post it later on…- We are resolute in changing this streak. We love sharing what we do with you and everyone that visits our dear Starlitden!

We hope you get some good vibes from us as we’re sending them out, trusting that we all keep striving and positively achieve our goals!
Stay inspired, everyone!★★

Bartkira StarTwo style! Vol 5



Hello everyone!★★
Today we bring you the page we did for the Bartkira project – Vol.5. (in addition to the ones we did for Vol.4! Check the post about it ►here◄ )
For those who are not familiar with the project, here’s the description on the Bartkira Roadshow youtube channel:

Bartkira is an animated parody mash-up of The Simpsons and Akira. Based on an idea by Ryan Humphrey articulated through comics, the concept was expanded with the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans, curated by James Harvey. In association with the comic, Moon Animate Make-Up producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an animated trailer to match and with the work of over fifty artists, produced the Bartkira animated trailer.

We had a lot of fun once again, as expected, but there was more work involved due to the different characters and rhythm of the action.
Despite the slow pace, this gave us an opportunity to turn what could be considered a “boring” page into something more into the Simpsons’ Universe, but not without being worried on how to translate “Akira” into “Simpsons”.


Squidnapping! Squid smack!

In the end we decided to bring a story within a story, hence the “squidnapping”, making this our favourite page from the ones we made. Well, besides the one with the appearance of Sideshow Bob, because… It’s Sideshow Bob.

Here are some of the stages of the page and also some character studies we did to get a better grip of each one of them.


Preliminary layout


ink stage


We hope you enjoy them just as much as we enjoyed being part of this project!
Take care, everyone!★★

Demon Love at Deviantart Return


♥Be it Beasts, Angels or Creatures, we hope you love and be loved the same♥


Since we’re going back to submitting recent works to Deviantart (an art community online), we thought it would be a nice cross posting opportunity, since we’ve been wanting to post this fiery couple for quite a while.


In case you’re curious and haven’t had the opportunity, we invite you to check out our gallery page right ►here◄



We hope you like it!★★

WIP time (again)


Simple study of a much fiery love


Hey everyone! We’re sharing another snipet of a study for an illustration.




You might remember her from a previous post, but if you don’t- fret not! Here’s the link: Hardcandy bite




And now, back to work!!