Happy Holidays 2022


Hello everyone! We hope you’ve been well and before we dash off to our families, we would like to wish you all, no matter where you are, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Life’s Bummers ~ Final


Art by StarTwo

Everyone has their own personal toils and obstacles to overcome and no ordeal is too small if you lack the energy to work it out. So here’s to hoping that you find what brings you strength and fuels you to conquer your path where the sun is shining.

★stay inspired★

Sleepless ~ Detail


Art by StarTwo

Today we’re sharing the detail of a previous illustration, drawn in pencil traditionally then inked and colour applied digitally.

It deals with sleep and the lack of it as the nights go by, but read more about it on the posts below.

The ►inking video◄ is right here

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Sleepless ~ Inking Video


Art by StarTwo

We’ve shared the inking and the full version, and now we bring you the inking video of the original illustration “Sleepless” from traditional sketch to digital ink.

If you haven’t seen the illustration versions here you go:

★sleep well and stay inspired★



Art by StarTwoSleepless_StarTwo

Sleepless dreams are sure to be a bit more pleasant if they happen in colour at least, so here’s the full colour version of the previous illustration’s linework.

To lay in silence,  waiting for the sleep to take over as the moons go by, the thoughts travel as if they grew wings, holding on under the starry sky. The key so close that you can almost reach for it, and yet, still out of reach – for now.

★Persevere and stay inspired★