Late adventures welcome 2016!


Hello everyone,

We would like to wish you a very tardy yet merry Happy New Year! For us it still feels a bit surreal that another year went by, but that’s often the rule and not the exception.

2015 was an amazing year. We feel like it was a year for inner growth and to decide to put ourselves more “out there”. It’s still a work in progress but do check our previous posts to know more <3

But now onwards to some new content or at least, a long due update! It’s also the reason why we evaporated from the web for a while.

Among finishing our projects (FNF, Bartkira), we had two events in less than a month to attend.

The first was Iberanime Opo, an anime event that is huge here in Portugal and the second was Comic Con Portugal, an even larger event with people from around the world attending and us, with spinning eyes and “busy” as our middle name, trying to keep up!

We sadly don’t have many photos to share, (we spent most of our time with the nose glued to the paper!) but here’s a little gallery just for you.

We hope you had wonderful holidays and a great 2016 start . As for us, let’s get the engines started and try our best this year too!

Let’s get busy!

Juggle, juggle



1: Animation for FNF:
2: Convention’s website: (we’ll be doing a Q&A there!)
3: Bartkira!! :
4: No links to that one, thank goodness.

And there’s still plenty more (you know who you are!) but we ran out of balls…



Come have cake with us ♥!



The impossibility to control time or realize how fast it goes sometimes, struck us today. Our little blog is one year old already! Happy Birthday, blog! One year on the virtual world and your owners have only been active for the last two months… oopsie.

We’re struggling with a lot of work but we didn’t want to let time go by again and made this little picture to mark the beginning of our new, main window to the world. And of course…

We would very much like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the visits we have been receiving and followers who are keeping an eye on our silly musings. Thank you very much for being there on the other side of the screen! So indeed:


Ah… and now back to work!

Lights, Cameras.. Keep working.



Edit, Trim, Sync!

Our posting has slowed down lately but it’s for a good reason!
One of the things we’re working on is a Limited 2D animation for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (check the post about “Animate Europe 2015”, here and about our story “Boundless” here) and it’s been nothing short from exciting for us.

We’ll try to keep up with the updates, even if they’re a bit slow right now!
Stay inspired!★★

Lotte and Korr – Boundless


First encounter of the Human named Lotte (right) and the Vetlian named Korr (left). Shock at first sight?

We already had the opportunity to talk about the wonderful experience we had in Belgium while attending “Europe Animate 2015” but not about the main characters of the comic we participated with. Gentlepeople, meet Lotte and Korr!

Europe in the year 2415, where Humanity has expanded their technology, enabling the contact with other planets.

Lotte is a Human girl, she works for EUPO (European United Post Office) as a mail carrier all around Europe, meeting her daily quota thanks to warp portals. The moment she heard about the exchange between planets, she volunteered at once. Afterall it’s not everyday that you meet an outer space being!

Korr in the other hand was reluctant, but being the son of a Vetlian diplomat carried a responsibility and despite his denial, curiosity had a great part in him accepting this mission.

Together they go through an enlightening experience of discovery and growth towards their differences.


This doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. But as often, hardships bring them closer to find a solution.

We are still working on them both thanks to a new project with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and we’re extremely enthusiastic and thrilled about it, we can’t wait to share more with you, but for now we have to keep it a secret…

Stay tuned for updates on these two very soon!!★★