Book of Zhu – Eraeli


Calm and wise, Eraeli is always considerate and acts accordingly. Hardly too serious though as she can also be extroverted and friendly.

Eraeli is a blacksmith traveling across countries, trying to learn and absorb as much as she can from new and different cultures along with the materials used from her own very distant land.

This is her formal outfit, closely heightening her to the likeness of gods (same as the Empress Li Ling Qiao formal outfit) as she is seen as an avatar for the spirits by her people.

She will never act without thinking as she is always attentive to everyone’s comfort topped with being helpful and a healthy dose of curiosity for new things.

Go over the Book of Zhu website to know more about her and other characters!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

Red and her bodyguards



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Today we bring you a bit of the unexpected. Meet Miss Red and her bodyguards~

Before you start wondering how rushed it looks we want to confess! This was supposed to be a simple preliminary study on composition and colours for something we’re working on that ended up getting a little more rendered than planned.

We really don’t mind, it almost gained a life of its own, and that’s always a good feeling for us♥

Now back to work!!★★


Book of Zhu – Mika Yin Qiao


Despite looking (and sometimes acting) like a little troublemaker, Mika has her passion set on martial arts and is wholeheartedly dedicated to it.

Mika is a princess from the Xerin race, trying to grow and better herself as fast as possible so she won’t reside in her older sister’s shadow anymore. Her sisterly love is strong but she aspires to become a great warrior and find her place in the sun.

She is a very dedicated martial artist in training despite her being a bit mischievous. But her discipline and love for martial arts makes her a great student.

You can find more if you hop over the Book of Zhu website!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

Book of Zhu – Empress Li Ling Qiao


Ruler of the Zhu Empire, the Empress Li Ling Qiao has a strong mindset and powerful effect over her people.

It’s time to introduce another character from the “Book of Zhu”, the visual novel placed in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy.

Meet Empress Li Ling Qiao, she is the ruler of the Zhu Empire, carrying her title after a harsh turn of events, she is also the mother of Princess Aya.
A strong and determined woman, she isn’t afraid to step into the expected continuation of traditions and make changes many might find uncomfortable.

She keeps winning the love of the people for her disregard for bureaucracies and for her unexpected consideration for every social class. But her path isn’t easygoing as changes always come with great responsibility and risks.

There’s a lot more to know about her and other characters right at the Book of Zhu website!

We intend to do more posts about the work we have done -and keep doing- for Book of Zhu, so stay tuned!★★

Easter Time for an Easter Race



Ready, Set, Bunnies!

Here’s the first stage -traditional pencil sketch- of the first illustration of a series.
Who will get the Lapin Coronet as the winner of the The Great Easter Race?!

“A Crown fit for a Princess. A Crown fit for me.”

First Contender is Buttercup and her were-rabbits. She loves the taste of victory in everything she gets involved in. And a crown would definitely match her princess-like demeanor.

“Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby just to let me down and mess me around~♪♫”

We love the original song from “The Foundations” but surely you’ll understand that Buttercup is not a bunny to mess around when the race gets hot and her blood runs faster. And of course, always keeping her class ♥ she needs a faster beat.

This is the original song from “The Foundations” :