Happy Howlloween!! *thriller dance*



Halloween!! It’s that time of the year where you can justify the long canines and long fangs. Come out, come out wherever you are!♥
We have the perfect background music for the grand appearance:


We truly love this season and how it matches that gloomy sweet mood of dread and…-No? those words don’t go together? Well tonight they do!
Enjoy the night Halloween fans and nay sayers but remember to stay safe as well!

Good spooks and Goodboos♥

Winter Fluff


MISC02With all this cold, we want to grab on to something warm and fuzzy too…
Wolf boy and Vamp girl. Your not so typical superhero team, coming to you whenever your spooky side gives a howl. Of course Vampy doesn’t feel cold at all. She just likes to mess with Wolfie ♥
How the heck will this romance end? Maybe we’ll find out next Halloween…