Sorrow Cyclamen


Art by StarTwo

The next flower joining the “Sorrow Flowers” series is our Sorrow Cyclamen.

The Cyclamen is known for a sorrowful meaning and as a poisonous flower is therefore related to Death itself. It symbolizes goodbyes, separation and resignation.
It should be no surprise -since it’s listed on our Sorrow Flowers series- that despite the grim reputation, the Cyclamen also carries the meaning of sincere tenderness, lasting feelings and deep love.

Despite meaning that all good things come to an end, it sets the path of departure to bigger things. It’s up to looking towards the right direction.

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Sorrow Flowers – Work in Progress 4 (WIP)

The supervisor on the left is not modelling, despite appearances…

The “Sorrow Cyclamen” is one of the illustrations getting worked on, eager to come out in full bloom as we ourselves are eager to complete this series called “Sorrow Flowers“.

Click the image above to check the lineart for other pieces we have done for our “Sorrow Flowers” series

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Sorrow Cyclamen ~ Lines


We present you the lines for the illustration named “Sorrow Cyclamen” the last sister piece belonging to the series we’re working on named “Sorrow Flowers“.

Each piece on this series portrays flowers whose meaning is related to sorrow and sadness, but also have a path to a brighter look on the meaning, intending to remind the power of perspective.

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