Inktober 2016 – Day 24


In the dead of night you hear a rustling… Do you go check?

Gold and black are the perfect match for a white haired demon. Happy nights counting down to Halloween!

Murder of Crows


MurderArms1000bCrows are constantly used in mythology and legends as messengers and seem to always be in close contact with Death. They are given several symbolic meanings and among many others, they are also a symbol of devotion and faithfulness.

This work tried to portray the limbo of a crow that just passed away, changing shape from the darkest grasp into a new form. It is welcomed by another crow- her mate, gone before her and already in full form- lending his hands as her wings while she doesn’t sprout her own.

Do you use your art to do some self-therapy? This was very good to channel some less brighter feelings (we all have those days!) and to explore techniques and speed working without obsessing over details. A “let it flow” sort of thing.

Stay inspired and have a great week, everyone!★★