Not All Darkness is Evil ~ Work in Progress


Art by StarTwo

A peek as we carry onwards with this work in progress, so eager to see the light and show you that “Not All Darkness is Evil”!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Not All Darkness is Evil ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

Today we bring you a work in progress with the traditionally drawn lines and digital pop of colour on top.
A smile that means well and a nature that wishes you wholesomeness in life.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Teaming with Beasts ~ Lines Detail



Keeping up with sharing the inking of what lies behind the illustrations, we bring you a detail of the edited outlines for “Teaming with Beasts”.

This one didn’t have the usual inking stage since the pencil and ink lines sort of merged together in one. The pencil stage was cleaned up after the sketch, to work already as inking, resulting in rougher but also looser lines.

★Stay inspired!★

Teaming with Beasts



Muffled crackling sounds on a cold night.

Rustling in the woods, rushed breaths through the silence and the crushing of dead leaves on the ground making you feel a shiver up your spine.
All of these can lose in comparison to the beasts you decide to team up with though. Given that you chose well, of course.

A Huntress and her Companion, brought together by circumstances and teaming up by choice. In all fairness they both have a good sense of humour, so don’t worry if you happen to meet them on a walk through the woods.

To be honest, if you decide to go for a walk at such a late hour on a cold moonless night… You are definitely the suspicious one.

Check out the lines for this illustration.

★Team up well and stay inspired!★

Teaming with Beasts ~ Sneak Peek



Hi everyone,
Here’s a quick preview of an illustration on the making we’re eager to share with you, but for now enjoy this snippet!

★ Have  a great weekend, and stay inspired! ★