Sorrow Flowers – Work in Progress 2 (WIP)

The supervisor who is all heart keeps a watchful eye on our deadlines.

Today we’re sharing another peek to the steps we’re taking towards the sister pieces for the “Sorrow Lilies“ – Beautiful Flora laced with sorrowful meanings but stepping up with their loveliness and turning up towards the light..

Slowly but surely these flowers will come up to breathe!

Check out the previous WIP peek!

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Sorrow Lilies ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

Here are the lines for our illustration called “Sorrow Lilies” from a series we have started called “Sorrow Flowers” which explores the turning of perceived appearances regarding the meaning of certain flowers.

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Battle Gear for Biker Bulma Brief


Art by StarTwo


The battle for ages: Bulma’s hair in purple or aqua?!

It was time, at last, to do an illustration of Bulma Brief, the feisty independent and brilliant scientist – a character from the manga Dragon Ball from Akira Toriyama. Specifically in the sort of alternate-universe outfit biker-style from a Toriyama’s illustration.

Sketching and inking went smoothly, but as the colouring progressed we were faced with the biggest question regarding this piece: Hair.
The manga purple or the anime aqua have been a theme recurrent in this series with several shifts from saga to saga and media.

We both love the charming purple, but this doesn’t mean that we’re about to deny that the aqua fits right in as well. Which one is your favourite?
In the inability to choose on our own which to use for this post, the decision became quite easy.

Let’s have them both!


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Sorrow Flowers – Work in Progress (WIP)



A glimpse to the backstage making of the next Sorrow Flower, under the watchful eye of the best supervisor.

Here is a peek to the steps we’re taking towards sister pieces for the “Sorrow Lilies“.

Beautiful Flora laced with sorrowful meanings but stepping up with their loveliness and turning up towards the light.
A series reminiscing not to judge a book by its cover – not to prejudge based on assumed appearances and perceptions. Mentalists, beware!

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Thank you!


Art by StarTwo

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s a little hard to believe, but we have had this blog for over half a decade now – despite only comitting fully over the last year.

This little blog was first created as an outlet to our creative frustrations, back in 2014. At the time we were all bright eyes and bushy tails about how to handle a blog and soon enough StarlitDen became like an old backyard, overrun by dense vegetation, with a few sprouting posts here and there like pretty, accidental flowers.
We dare you to go down our rabbit hole and check it out (well, we know some of you have already done it *nudge nudge, wink wink* and we’re extra thankful for your interest)!

Here’s a couple of examples of our rather hit and miss, endearing, blogging years:


And this:

Oh yeah and this:


2019 was the year we decided to grow up and give you a reason to follow us. We started sharing weekly content and give this blog a much-needed direction and now, almost one year and a half later we are overjoyed with the results which could not have been possible without you, dear visitors!


We have still a lot to do, share, and grow and we are grateful that you have made the choice to follow us and like our content. Thank you for being here, we hope you will stick around for a long time.

So dear followers, new and old, thank you for your support and for helping us turn StarlitDen from a forgotten backyard into a wonderful garden! You’ll always have a place here with us!

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Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part IV


Art by StarTwo

Clear skies and pleasant weather helps the rhythm a lot. So much so that we can already see the stage of inking coming to an end very soon. Not here quite yet, but so very soon.

We can taste the next step of colouring already!

Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part I
Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part II
Eyes of the Forest – Panel Peek ~ part III

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Sorrow Lilies


Art by StarTwoSorrowLilies_StarTwo

Lilies and the meanings they carry, associated to rather heavy and sad feelings, find their way to bring light to darkness whenever the heart is open to it.

Check out the teaser with more about the meaning of the Lily flower.

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