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Today we revisit -with a clearer lens- an old work and statement. This one goes back to Inktober from 2016, and you can read it right ▪here▪

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StarTwo Art Tips – Sketching Lines


Something that we cross paths a lot with when giving workshops, on comments and e-mails is how writing habits seem to seep into drawing and results in bad hand position or much dependency on contact with the surface when long stable lines are needed.

Your fingers should bend slightly at enough distance from the tip that you can see what you’re drawing, the direction you’re heading and any other elements on the page while trying not to put too much pressure on the fingers holding the pencil.


Crunching your fingers limits visibility and will strain your hand and wrist faster.

To achieve stable longer lines you should try to use your whole arm to draw, instead of merely rotating your wrist – if you imagine a straight line, your hand and wrist should be aligned on that same imaginary line.



If you’re doing detailed or precise work, the underside of your palm can rest on the surface, or also with the side of your pinky, to help you guide the tip of your pencil.

Remember that these can be untrained muscles – either in holding the pencil or moving exactly how you want to – so be patient and kind to yourself, while keeping in mind that practice will bear fruits, and in this case, control over your lines.

We have more to share, but do let us know if you found this useful!

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Sssummer Sssensations


As the European heatwave comes closer, the summer experience intensifies.

This is the perfect time to share with you our Summer Medusa. So grab your favourite drink, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen and relax, her hair was instructed to behave and not bite.

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Shin Megami Tensei – Alice WIP



Alice’s smile makes you wonder what her goal really is…

Hi everyone,
Here’s a sneak peek of the lines for an illustration of Alice, a character from the game series “Shin Megami Tensei”. More about her soon!
(This is a traditional sketch coloured digitally)

★Until then, stay inspired★

Here’s a Portuguese Folk Tale: The Aunts



Don’t cry, sweety! We got your back!

One of us had the chance to grow up listening to old fairytale stories inside a small kitchen with the fire crackling and the bells of goats fading in and out on the street outside, as shepherds drove them into the pastures. Those were the days of great grandmother remembering tales from her own youth, trying to keep the memory jogging and bring back what had been told so many years ago – great grandmother didn’t know how to read after all.
Those tales would invoke so many wondrous images: selfish queens, naïve but strong boys and girls and the fantastic folks that would come to their aid, human, deity or beast. There’s no doubt that those stories had a role to play in our mind and now, so many years away from those early days, we want to begin drawing what we can and give those ancient tales our own flare and vision. It’s our anthropological contribution to the world and to you.
Not without a few snags. Although we own books with many tales, we realized that these ones from oral tradition were hard to come by and harder still to share with those interested in the narrative. Well dear friends, the internet is a wondrous, miraculous place.
There have been incredible people since the 1800’s that went to speak with old great grandmothers just like ours and have put on paper these tales and even translated them!

So here it is:

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