Hibernation Over & Dia do Japão 2017


Oh… Hey there!

What warm light is this? Is the weather warming up?
Hah, as if the reason for our silence was sweet rested hibernation, no, not at all… How did the saying go… No rest for the weary?(no, not the wicked…) Rightly so, but we are far from complaining as health is finally being recovered, the new place is very comfy and sunny and we are happily busy since the beginning of this year!

We just returned from an event, Dia do Japão (Japan’s Day) organized by the Liga de Estudos Asiáticos at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon) We loved the day and met wonderful people, some don’t know how close they were of being hugged to death unconsciousness, stuck on our pocket and taken home♥ we want to thank everyone at the lovely organization for all the attention and care they provided us!


We didn’t get the chance to take many pictures but here’s at least one of them♥

We hope everyone has been treated well by 2017 up to now and if not, we hope things start getting better from here on.
Have a great week and take care!★★

Spring It Con 2016


One happy fox and one happy cat!

Hello everyone!
On our last moments of Summer we gave it our all at a new robust Con that arose here in sunny Portugal called Spring It. We were kindly invited to participate in exchange for two commissions to be offered as prizes at the event’s raffles, so how could we say no to that?


Commission #1: Cosplay Theme


Commission #2: Prop Making Theme

Both were made in regular canson paper and pigmas and lightly decorated with a gold frame. Yeah… we wanted to add gold details to the pictures but we ran out of time for that. Shh, they don’t need to know about that!

We also participated in their Comic’s Panel where we spoke about our experience in the comic industry along other rising Portuguese authors and gave a mini manga workshop. And still managed time to draw for the good people that attended and sell our prints! Such an eventful event!


We really enjoyed how this one came out!


And the satisfied costumers!! Thank you very much!

Two happy, frantic days and one more to get our strength back, and we’re ready to get back to our usual business. Stay tuned for more as soon as we can! Cheers!!