Punk Fantasy Knight ~ Detail 2


Art by StarTwo

Since the tiny fairy on his shoulder is just… tiny, we decided to show you today a close-up of her fierce self! We wanted her to break expectations and look daring without losing the allure of a fairy and their cuteness.

It is unwise to underestimate her though, as she is the one calling all the shots!

★stay inspired★

Punk Fantasy Lines



Hello everyone!

Here is a peek at the lines of Punk Knight’s illustration we published some time back. This is one of those illustrations we couldn’t decide if we prefer in black and white or coloured. What about you?

Click here for the coloured version!

★ Stay inpired! ★

Punk Fantasy Knight



A good fairy or a daring fairy? Even better, why not both?

 This might be one of those times where a little voice from your shoulder doesn’t mean you’re losing your sanity, and actually gives you some good advice! What’s the worse that can happen?
Well, we hope it’s good advice. Better check first…

★Have a great weekend and stay inspired★

Inktober 2016 – Day 19


inktober_19_by_startwoThe Inky Fairy is proud of her prank.

There was a really weird mushroom in the garden today. When touched it leaves an inky, blood like stain. How proper and right for Inktober (let’s hope it’s not too poisonous).