Happy New Year 2022!


Let’s not lose hope and keep making the best out of a bumpy road.✨ Specially without losing sight of what makes us move and motivates us to keep bettering what defines the person we are and where our focus lands!

To everyone that has crossed paths on this little den lit by stars, we wish you the best and thank you dearly for your support and wonderful comments throughout the years.

We’ll keep giving our best and cherishing you unto another year.

Happy 2022!

★Stay inspired★

Season’s Greetings 2021!


Art by StarTwo

We come today to heartily wish you all happy holidays, especially a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And what better way to do it than with a platter of Filhós? What are Filhós, you may be promptly asking? Why, it’s one of Portugal’s traditional Christmas treats, a delicious fried dough pastry.

You can typically have them sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar or drizzled in honey, and there’s always an eloquent discussion among Filhó aficionados about the best way to eat them: hot or cold (definitely hot!).

This little fritter is a must in the Iberian Peninsula but it has reached out to far places like Brazil and even Japan!

One of the things we also love about the Filhó, is the historical fact that its name comes from the Latin word Foliola, meaning little leaf.

We instantly got to ask, what’s your country’s delicious, fried dough delicacy? Are you having some during this season? We sincerely hope you do!

Until next time, we dearly wish you all again a very Merry Season and… have a Filhó!

As always,

★stay inspired★

Teaser: A Portuguese FolkTale – The Devil Prince


Art by StarTwo

Hello everyone,

Just like everybody else, we too count our blessings and are very grateful (by the way, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all our North American visitors!) for continuing to grow and tackle work related to our passion: illustrating.

Alas, on the other hand, we have been saddened by the lack of time to translate and illustrate more wonderful Portuguese Folktales, since our free time has been reduced.

But let’s be sad no more! This next Friday we are happy to bring forth another tale in our collection entitled “The Devil Prince”! Please look forward to it and we will see you soon!

Until then, as always,

★Stay inspired!★

Witches & Allies 04


Art by StarTwo

Mastering Magic takes time and some people are genuinely good at teaching it.

Such is the case of our Ally: Master of Light, doing his best at gathering the patience and tolerance to deal with overly enthusiastic students eager to master the Trick of Light.

⭐️Stay inspired!⭐️

Punk Fantasy Knight ~ Detail 2


Art by StarTwo

Since the tiny fairy on his shoulder is just… tiny, we decided to show you today a close-up of her fierce self! We wanted her to break expectations and look daring without losing the allure of a fairy and their cuteness.

It is unwise to underestimate her though, as she is the one calling all the shots!

★stay inspired★