A Japanese Folk Tale: Dodomeki ~ Lines



We previously shared a teaser and then the finished illustration of our original vision of the youkai Dodomeki , and today we want to share with you the lines under the colours.

Lines have been done traditionally in ink with a mix of pens and a brush pen. The slight colour has been done digitally.

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A Portuguese Folktale: D.Caio ~ Sir Fall


I fall! I fall !

Folktales, as much as they are a thing of wonder and fantasy, they are also a thing of humor.
Nothing could be truer with the tale we present to you today: D. Caio, whose name we adapted to Sir Fall. Inspired by the brothers Grimm “The Brave Little Tailor” (the tale is also translated into Portuguese), this version from 1900 focuses more on the misconception of “Kill seven with one blow” and it’s also known in Spain as “Don Juan Bolondron mata siete de um trompom”.

About the artwork, we got a look at General attires from the 1800’s so that’s why there’s a certain French feel to it. Nevertheless, we did our very own version of such clothes as well as the colors, though blue was the color of the Portuguese Army in the sources we checked. And of course, we couldn’t resist and added the old Portuguese Royal Emblem to the horse’s saddle.

This tale has a bit more of our own flair as we had to translate and adapt it from Portuguese to English (we’re quite proud of our efforts!)  If you’d like to read it, click below and enjoy!

D.Caio – Sir Fall

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A Portuguese Folktale: Sir Fall/D.Caio Wip


Fun fact: Startwo has experience with both horses and mules.

Hello everyone!
This Friday we’ll share with you the (mis)adventures of one of Portugal’s bravest Generals (and totally not a fictitious individual), the amazing D.Caio whose name we translated to Sir Fall.
Look forward to see the finished work and read the story by then!

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A Portuguese Folk tale: The Goat-footed Lady Wip



Lines for the illustration of the Portuguese Folktale “The Goat-footed Lady” , and you can click the link to know about the story!

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A Japanese Folk Tale: Yuki Onna Wip



In fear of the Yuki Onna’s wrath from knowing we have two Japanese Yuki Onna themed movies lined up but haven’t come around to watch them, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you the sketch stage of the Yuki Onna illustration as an appeasing resource (inking and light colouring was done digitally).

The weather is also getting better over here, which makes us wonder: do Yuki Onna yokai hibernate during spring?…

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Shin Megami Tensei – Alice


A dubious skill to gain from Alice, we don’t advise to follow through.

Today we’re bringing you a character from Megami Tensei franchise, a series we’ve been very much in love with, not only for the story but also for the magnificent lore created for the several games under its title.

It’s set in a cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic dark fantasy genre with alternative realms, demons and magic with its lore ranging from inspirations of mythology with elements of philosophy, religion and occultism. There’s always a constant feeling of only being able to rely on your own abilities against inevitable destruction.
So we admit it was impossible not to be immediately drawn into it, specially when the soundtracks lure you closer even more!

Alice here in particular is inspired by the main character of “Alice in Wonderland” from Lewis Carroll and its adaptation by Disney, obvious by the colours and clothes design. Her signature skill “Die for Me!” and “Mad Tea Party” even strengthen that idea, feeding off the original tale’s dark side with a queen that demands heads to be chopped off and Mad Hater and March Hare openly adding to tea party largely lacking in common sense.

Her origins also mention that she might also be based of a myth of an Aryan (Indo-Iranian noble class) girl who died young. With her death came great power as she turned into a spirit, turning her insane. Her story was used to scare misbehaving children, with the threat to be visited at night and killed in order to become her “friend”.

In Portugal we have an uglier, meaner version with this behavior: the Sack Man. A sort of Krampus that sells off the misbehaving children, with other harsher versions describing him as a murderer receiving the brat from their own parents…

Between dying for friendship and being sold off or given to a murderer by disappointed parents… Hm, sorry Alice, if we get you in the game we can’t exactly die for you! But we can have a tea party instead. We may be all mad at this point, so we might as well enjoy it.

(This was a traditional sketch coloured digitally. Here’s the sketch version of this illustration: Alice Sketch )

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